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A Resource for men's and women's gymnastics skills. This website is a video version of the code of points. Each apparatus has been categorized and sorted by difficulty using FIG values.

Hall of Fame and Life Membership Awards
presented July 19, 2014 at NAWGJ
"Forty & Fabulous" National Symposium

Myra Elfenbein
Hall of Fame Award

Marian Dykes
Hall of Fame Award

Judy Bodman
Life Member

Janet Packwood
Life Member

Genie McElroy also received the Life Member Award but was not at the National Symposium

Check out a little of the history of NAWGJ at NAWGJ History

It's a work in progress and we hope judges and founders of NAWGJ will submit stories, memories and information. We are also looking for old NAWGJ newsletters. Contact Lee Bjella at

Opening Video from the 2014 NAWGJ National Symposium July 18-20, in Atlanta, Georgia by Lee Bjella


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