(or How To Be An Angel)

If you have read and followed the other 2 parts on the Canons, you are well on your way to becoming the perfect judge!! 

  • CANON 11: A judge should treat gymnasts, coaches, judges, promoters and spectators with respect. A judge should respect the privacy, property and feelings of any judge or other person with whom such judge is living during the event being judged, and should not do anything which would embarrass or offend such person.
  • CANON 12: A judge should at all times both look and act professionally. A judge should maintain a neat and well-groomed appearance when judging. He/she should wear the uniform of the Association (except where other dress is permitted).
  • CANON 13: A judge should not be overly officious. She/he should not criticize other officials or attempt to explain other officials’ judgments.
  • CANON 14: A judge should confine her/his duties to the purposes of judging; i.e., coaching or meet directing are not included in a judge’s responsibilities.

Remember learning to treat everyone with respect?  That never changes.  Each time a judge does something disrespectful or wrong, the gymnastics community feels all of us are disrespectful or wrong.  (It should work the in the reverse, but it doesn’t.)  When you are wearing the uniform always stop and think how what you are about to do or say will appear to others.

Here are some examples:

Ø      Do not second guess a judge at another event.  If you think they missed someone spotting a vault, it is not up to you to talk with other people about it.  If you feel strongly about it and were in a perfect position to see it, talk with the judge privately and then let it drop.  You are paid to do your event only.

Ø      If a coach or anyone else comes and asks your opinion of another judge’s score, do not comment.  Tell them they need to speak directly to that judge.

Ø      Do not sit in the bar after the meet with coaches making comments like “I was the high score on your girls.”

Ø      Be nice to your timers and flashers.  Most of the time they have not a clue what to do and are scared to death.  Assure them than a mistake will not cause the fall of the world and BE PATIENT!!

Ø      Look professional.  That doesn’t just mean a clean uniform, unwrinkled blouse, etc.  It means look as if you are interested in what you are doing.  Do NOT judge with your head resting on your hand.  Keep your head up and smile at the gymnast when they are done – we expect them to salute us with a  nice demeanor.

Ø      Do not complain about food!! (My pet peeve.)  That is probably the height of rudeness.  Most clubs bend over backwards to take good care of us.  If you need chocolate, bring it with you!


by Hilary Carlson, Region V RJD