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Dear JudgeÖ

Oh judge, dear judge
Hello, itís me
Iím way down here
only 4 foot 3.

My knees are knocking
I hope you donít see.
I look up at you
you smile at me.

Itís my turn on beam
now thereís no escaping.
A ď9Ē would be nice
see, my grandma is taping.

I know Iím wobbly
but hereís a quiz Ė
Do you know how thin
this darn thing is???

Oh judge, dear judge
can you cut me some slack?
I wiped out in warm-ups
and hurt my back.

You signal youíre ready
for me to begin.
I face you, salute you
and flash my best grin.

These bars feel good
I must keep my grip.
Did I happen to mention
I have a big rip?

Itís over, I did it
that wasnít so bad.
But I have to admit
I really am glad.


Oh judge, dear judge
it's my turn on floor.
And I know youíve heard
my music before.

But you only smile
as I flip and I leap.
How is it that your
composure you keep?

Out of bounds, you say
on two of my passes?
Well, I think that line judge
needs some new glasses.

Okay, yes, okay
Iím sure you are right.
But the floor is springy
it messed up my flight.

Oh judge, dear judge
did you see that vault?
You need to know
it wasnít my fault.

The board was too close
the horse set too high.
But you just smiled
when I walked by.

You sit there for hours
and watch us compete.
You nod and encourage
you donít miss a beat.

You look so regal
in your navy blue.
Oh judge, dear judge
we appreciate you!!!