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The Education Corner


Study Guides for Level 10

This material has been compiled by numerous people - Brenda Eberhardt, Paul Padron, Pat Panichas, Patty Vitale and Carole Ide.  It is your responsibility to check for accurateness!  Errors/changes are POSSIBLE!  

Unofficial Clinic Notes
UNOFFICIAL Clinic Notes (6/ 6/ 09 Connie Maloney); UNOFFICIAL Clinic Notes( 6/ 21/ 09 Marian Dykes
Prepared by Patty Vitale and added to by Carole Ide

Optional Cheat Sheets  

Level 10 Card

Level 10 Shorthand Routines & Quizes

Routines on YouTube - search for MrGymnasticsJudge
Posted by Dana Kling

Study Aids

  • GymQuest 2009
    GymQuest is a freeware study aid and review tool for judges of women's gymnastics.

  • Mr. Gymnastics Judge link on You Tube - has some skills and shorthand. This would be very good for newer judges that are just learning shorthand. Created by Dana Kling, a GA judge and GA NAWGJ State Governing Board member. Go to and search for gymnastics+shorthand



NOTE: All educational items are offered by NAWGJ as a courtesy to judges to help in the educational process. Note that they are NOT official information and that there are likely to be errors. We appreciate the member judges that have taken the time and effort to share their expertise in this way.

Official information regarding USAG Junior Olympic rules are found in the JO Code of Points, the Junior Olympic Compulsory program book and WTC minutes published in Technique and on the USA Gymnastics website. Refer to USAG for further information on official rules and policies.