These videos are for skill recognition and evaluation. If a value is given (A, B, C, D, E), it may not be correct. Please check the J.O. Optional Code for the element values.


New Skills Performed at JO Nationals


Vault - Zuhlke - #3.305   Zuhlke - #3.305 (slow motion)

Bars - Ramler - #7.510   Ramler - #7.510 (slow motion)

Floor - Trevor - #1.411   Trevor - #1.411 (slow motion)


Vault - Carey - #3.508   Different video same Vault - Carey - #3.508

Beam - George - #3.506 variation

Beam - Swartzentruber - #3.406 variation

Beam - Burgess - #7.403

Beam - Hawthorne - #8.401 variation

Beam - DeVries – 8.303 variation


Bars - Garner #1.416

Bars - Peele #8.505

Bars - Rickett #8.505

Beam - Dillman #2.301

Beam - Stevens #7.402


beam - Marinez #7.403

beam - Whitney #1.405

floor - Dunn #1.311

floor - Jones #8.503


beam - Keck #9.303

floor - Esslinger #4.301


beam - Kmieciak #5.308

beam – Rowe #8.401

beam - Edlin #8.404 (No Video)


bars - Sims #3.508

bars - Oster #7.410 (No Video)

beam - Jarred & Medvitz #3.505

beam - Oswalt #8.502 (No Video)


New Compulsory Music videos – Level 1 – 6

2005–2013 Beam Faults and Penalties



Videos of elements in the FIG Code of Points

Hilarious Gymnastics Bloopers

Skills that make you go Wow Montage

Could’ve Been Named After Gymnastics Montage

Named Skills – Gymnastics

USAG Video Library

Universal Sports


NAWGJ Videos

Optional Vault Errors - by Leslie Patterson, Region 3 RJD

Championship Bar Routine Expectations - by Region 5

Judges Behaving Badly - A fun attempt at showing “What not to do.”



Collegiate Judging Review Videos


Optional Vault

Gymnastics Vault Queens

Gymnastics Vault Guide: Part 1

Gymnastics Vault Guide: Part 2

Vaults Named After Gymnasts Guide

Top 10 Favorite Vaults

World Vault Champions Gymnastics Montage: 1958 – 2009


Optional Bars

Uneven Bars Final Highlights 2011 European Gymnastics Championships

Uneven Bar Final 2011 Chinese Gymnastics Nationals

Pak Salto to mixed grip performed at 2012 JO Nationals
– Same value and same #4.406 as Pak Salto

Germany (Elisabeth Seitz) - New Skill!

Uneven Bars Mount Guide

Uneven Bars Pirouette Guide: Giant Swings

Uneven Bars Pirouette Guide Part 2: Stalders

Uneven Bars Release Move Guide

Uneven Bars Transition Guide

Uneven Bars Dismount Guide

Uneven Bar Named Elements Gymnastics Montage: Part 1

Uneven Bar Named Elements Gymnastics Montage: Part 2

Named Gymnastic Elements, Uneven Bars

Uneven Bars Difficulty Montage

Top 10 Favorite Uneven Bars Workers Gymnastics Montage

The Uneven Bars Developments (50s- 2010s)


Optional Beam

World Balance Beam Champions Gymnastics Montage Part 1: 1950- 1989

World Balance Beam Champions Gymnastics Montage Part 2: 1991-2009

Gymnastics Montage - Best of Beam

Balance Beam - Awesome skills

Balance Beam Mount Guide

Acrobatic Guide: Balance Beam

Balance Beam Leaps and Jumps Guide

Balance Beam Turns Guide

Balance Beam Dismounts Guide

Balance Beam Named Elements Montage: Part 1

Balance Beam Named Elements Montage: Part 2

Named Gymnastic Elements Balance Beam

Balance Beam Difficulty Gymnastics Montage

Balance Beam Gymnastics Montage

Optional Floor

Floor Named Elements Gymnastics Montage

Named Gymnastic Elements. Floor (women)

Floor Exercise Turns Guide

Gymnastics Tumbling Guide

Extremely Difficult Tumbling Passes Performed by American Gymnasts

America’s Best Tumblers Gymnastics Floor Montage


Routines/Practice Judge

College & J.O. Routines, Vaults, Skills, Technique, Drills, & Workout Videos


Rules 2009 Uneven Bars 1

Rules 2009 Uneven Bars 2

Rules 2009 Uneven Bars 3

Rules 2009 Uneven Bars 4

Rules 2009 Uneven Bars 5



Rules 2009 Beam 1

Rules 2009 Beam 2

Rules 2009 Beam 3

Rules 2009 Beam 4

Rules 2009 Beam 5

Rules 2009 Beam 6



Rules 2009 Floor 1

Rules 2009 Floor 2

Rules 2009 Floor 3

Rules 2009 Floor 4



MrGymnasticsJudge Handstands Pirouettes

MrGymnasticsJudge Wolf Hops and Jumps

MrGymnasticsJudge Straight Jumps and Turns

MrGymnasticsJudge Tuck Jumps

MrGymnasticsJudge Straddle Jumps

MrGymnasticsJudge Back Saltos


NOTE: All educational items are offered by NAWGJ as a courtesy to judges to help in the educational process. Note that they are NOT official information and that there could be errors. We appreciate the member judges that have taken the time and effort to share their expertise.

Official information regarding USAG Junior Olympic rules are found in the JO Code of Points, the Junior Olympic Compulsory program book and WTC minutes published in Technique and on the USA Gymnastics website. Refer to USAG for further information on official rules and policies.