Ann Heppner, Regional Judging Director


Welcome to Region 2!

Region 2 is an extremely diverse community of gymnastics enthusiasts. Region 2 includes the states of Hawaii, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon. We have beautiful cities, open plains, rainforest, mountainous regions and tropical paradise all with thriving gymnastic communities. Some of our dedicated judges drive vast distances in order to provide small communities with the opportunity to host gymnastic competitions. In some areas our judges must fly from island to island or to the Northern-most regions of Alaska to provide communities with gymnastic judges. Our gymnastic judges are passionate about keeping this beautiful sport alive and thriving in Region 2!!





NAWGJ Region 2 Meeting Minutes - July 9, 2011 Las Vegas, Nevada


Region 2 Judging Director:
Ann Heppner 
Alaska State Judging Director (SJD): 
Deatrich Sheffield
Kaitlin Tallman

Hawaii SJD:
Patty Walkabout

Idaho SJD:
Kelly Riley

Montana SJD:
Jeanine Henneford

Oregon SJD:
Lynn McCaffrey

Washington SJD:
Lee Bjella


Denise Green