Ann Heppner
Regional Judging Director


Welcome to Region 2!
Region 2 is an extremely diverse community of gymnastics enthusiasts. Region 2 includes the states of Hawaii, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon. We have beautiful cities, open plains, rainforest, mountainous regions and tropical paradise all with thriving gymnastic communities. Some of our dedicated judges drive vast distances in order to provide small communities with the opportunity to host gymnastic competitions. In some areas our judges must fly from island to island or to the Northern-most regions of Alaska to provide communities with gymnastic judges. Our gymnastic judges are passionate about keeping this beautiful sport alive and thriving in Region 2!!

Region 2 Clinic Corner

This is your place for clinic help. Feel free to use any of the videos and PowerPoint presentations for clinics in your state clinics. Iím happy to come in person too, but this is cheaper!

  • GymnasticsJudgesEDucation Talks

    • Dealing with Difficult
      This GJED talk features Denise Green, Brevet judge and State Judging Director for Washington. She has worked as a Speech Language Pathologist for years and is well versed in social, emotional, and behavioral situations and resolution of issues. Denise presents ideas for resolving conflict and provides an excellent forum for discussion. This talk is highly recommended. Produced by Region 2 NAWGJ/RJD.

    • Performance Science Theory
      This GJED talk features Ann Heppner presenting Patty Hannonís Performance Science Theory. Ann is a Brevet judge and the Region 2 Judging Director. This is an excellent talk for beginning and advanced judges alike. You will learn about selective attention, categorizing deductions, the grandmother skill, skill proficiency and inductive and deductive reasoning. Be sure to print off the handout for this presentation. Produced by Region 2 NAWGJ/RJD
      Performance Science Handout

    • Donít Pick Up the Rope
      This GJED talk features Meg Doxtator, National judge and former Region 2 Chair. Meg has studied relational issues and conflict resolution. She presents excellent advice, from a myriad of sources, for how to deal with explosive situations. Megís wisdom is built on years of coaching experience at Multnomah Athletic Club in Portland, Oregon. Produced by Region 2 NAWGJ/RJD

  • Videos
    • Table Manners #1
      This video presents various 'issues' that crop up at judging tables across the nation. It provides a good platform for discussion during a clinic or even during lunch break at a meet. Produced by Region 2 NAWGJ/RJD

    • Table Manners #2
      This video presents a few more issues that may provide the impetus for some good discussions. We wanted to especially recommend the last clip. We often have no contact information for each other's family or health information. It seems like a good idea to share contacts and pertinent health informaiton with each other in case of an emergency. Produced by Region 2 NAWGJ/RJD

  • PowerPoint Presentations
    • The Psychology of Judging by Ann Heppner
      This power point offers a perspective on the subtle things that may cause scores to become skewed. It helps us as judges to be aware of these biases so we can clear our minds and correctly use the Ladder of Inference to sort and evaluate real data. Produced by Region 2 NAWGJ/RJD

  • Video Scripts
    • These video scripts are for the 2016 NAWGJ Library DVD. Pricilla Hickey, Brevet judge from Washington State, has scripted and scored these selected routines. Pricilla provides detailed notes on deductions and composition. She has done an excellent job and leaves one script for you to score on each event and level as well. These are great practice and work well for clinics. The link to these videos is on the Merchandise/Library page

      Video Script Uneven Bars, Level 6-10
      Video Script Balance Beam, Level 6-10
      Video Script Floor, Level 6-10


Region 2 Judging Director:
Ann Heppner 
Alaska State Judging Director (SJD): 
Devany Plentovich

Hawaii SJD:
Pattie Walkabout

Idaho SJD:
Cydni Madeiros

Montana SJD:
Jeanine Henneford

Oregon SJD:
Lynn McCaffrey

Washington co-SJD:
Patty Ames
and Denise Green